Luxury chalet style house

November 14, 2013
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Chalet – it’s an interesting style that is very popular. It is popular for the reasons that Europeans are very fond of skiing. The chalet is a small house, which are located on the ski slopes, where tourists are temporarily fare, though there are those who stand and a house to stay. The chalet houses, which can be compared with European style. This accommodation is very comfortable, and able to protect against adverse weather, cold. The old-fashioned cozy chalets make and fill the house with modern subjects.

Chalet style house made of wood with a roof eaves are comfortable chalet is not only a comfortable home, but also very practical. These houses are very practical for living and very bad weather is the perfect refuge from the rain. The chalet is done in a very simple style, but very well organized. Chalet style still made in the old style. In the chalet-style wooden beams are used , wood , walls made of logs , also used stone slabs , or even spread all the walls of stone.

It is worth noting that the buildings and houses in the style chalet trying to do the above, but keep a low roof, as if making a house flat. Modern designs make with glass and glass walls, there are also comfortable balconies or terraces.
Interiors chalet suitable for those who love the country life, and also the houses are very functional and comfortable. These homes are designed for a family and a comfortable stay that will relax at the right time. The chalet style houses are very common in Switzerland, southern Germany, northern France, and Austria. Old chalet little different from today’s, because they just updated periodically.



1-snow-covered chalet

2-house in the mountains

3-lots of lights

4-lots of lights

5-light house

6-beautiful wooden house

7-entered the house

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