Cowboy style in the interior

November 15, 2013
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The interior, specially designed ranch-style, is associated with the American cowboy. This interesting style emerged in America. There are several species, such as California and the American ranch. This style was most popular in the twentieth century. Ranch-style home built in different countries. This lovely style has occurred and was born of a Spanish colonial style. All the houses are built in the style of the ranch consists of cheap materials, as previously they were built out of scrap materials. The construction of houses suited any materials: boards, stones, bricks. American-style home in a very practical and more on their price is the lowest in America, they can be built in a short time, from the most basic materials. The ranch – style home has an open veranda for a good time.

Houses of this style began to gain popularity in the 20th century as it was the economic crisis, and people needed shelter for a short time, and from inexpensive materials, so these houses are the cheapest. This style is very similar to a country-house style , often built one-story houses, duplexes are already a luxury.

California is a place where architects first started developing style ranch in the interior, it includes a rustic style, country and a bit of modern style. You should not think badly about the interior if it’s cheap, it is boring, but it’s not, you can see a lot of bright and interesting options. For example, it may be bright vases, colorful pillows, bright pictures. Furniture should be a little rough, even without treatment, and without any patterns. Finish floors would be best looks with ceramic tile that looks like stone.

2-Living in a beautiful interior

3-interior light

4-white walls


6-living room

7-bedroom with a deer

8-bright kitchen

9-magic bedroom

10-country bathroom

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