Beautiful apartment in Brazil

November 18, 2013
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This bright apartment is located in Brazil, with blue and green hues, this interior was created by Guilherme Torre. These apartments include 145 square meters. Earlier this apartment looked different she did not like their owners, and they have helped in the designers.

2-blue walls

The interior uses a polymer cement, in shades of blue, and shades of mint, and the other side is completely covered with wooden planks.

3-beautiful chair

Just outside the front door is a large pillar, it blends well with the dining table.

4-wooden wall

The kitchen furniture is lacquered and painted black, has a comfortable work area, and multi-function appliances.

5-glossy table

The dining table in the living room features a glossy finish with a nice touch of mint.

6-round tables

The furniture in the interior was made to order, and it blends well with other items, and the color is the same color of mint, dark blue.

7-beautiful patterns

The ceiling has a number of interesting shapes, as if he stands on the wall has an interesting design that is meaningless, but simply looks beneficial.

8--beautiful patterns

Opposite the wall gently mint color is a long, low dresser with an interesting black ribbed structure where you can locate books, phone, magazines and other accessories. During the party or celebration can be arranged meals and drinks.

9-white chairs

Chairs around the dining table has an interesting shape for a comfortable stay, and are streamlined for humans.

10-round draw

The kitchen has a corner location, the furniture has a slightly glossy black and matte texture at the same time, not a classic tile is installed, and the entire length. Opposite the working area has white window blinds.

11-fridge in the wall

The refrigerator was made ​​as a built-in wardrobe, wall clad with natural planks, chairs are very beautiful and have the form of a white egg with a dent.

12-minimum bedroom


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