Fashion Accessories in 2013

November 18, 2013
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Summing up 2013, you could see that the trends in 2013 were natural materials such as wood, stone, wool, leather, bamboo and other natural materials. All of us always attracts nature and its beauty. The use of natural materials is very popular, and is used very often. Natural materials will never go out of fashion, and they will only grow in the interior.
In the first place among all the trends this tree, it is used in the furniture industry, and is widely used in every interior. The tree is also used as a material for interior decoration, for example it could be a table top, and the panel, and the raw stump, which can serve as a chair and a table.

2-stone in interior

In the second place is the use of stones in the interior, it is very durable and natural material to create a natural look to use unsanded stones, and leave it in the rough areas. The stones can be used in any room. Country House is a great place where you can use this stuff.

3-leather in the interior

The third place is the use of leather in the interior, be it washes and leather and synthetic leather. Most often it is used in upholstery and decoration of furniture, it can be a big sofa and armchairs. You can also use leather accessories, but with great caution.

4-fur in the interior

The fourth place natural and artificial fur, it will look perfectly in a small upholstery of furniture, easy chair, or chair, or you can use it like a warm blanket.

5-hides in the interior

The fifth place the use of skins, as a rule, it is used as the carpets in the interior of a safari, or upholstered furniture. Skin in the interior can be both natural and artificial.

6-corals in the interior

On the sixth place the use of seashells, coral, sand, such accessories is used as decorative items such as shells can be finished mirrors, panels, frames, shelves can be expanded to large seashells and corals.

7-bamboo in the interior

At the seventh place is the use of bamboo – this is a good option, it can be used for decoration, spreading in large vases. You can use bamboo furniture, bamboo, some sheathe the walls, or make him blind.

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