The use of mosaics in the bathroom

November 19, 2013
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Glass mosaic is a wonderful material for processing rooms, mosaic also often used, and is very popular. Pro’s glass mosaic is that it is very durable in use. Modern mosaic is very practical, durable, moisture resistance, and very pragmatic.
Mosaic is of various types:
Metal mosaic
Glass Mosaic
Mosaic made of natural gemstone
Ceramic mosaic
Tile mosaic and ceramic material is very different from all good quality, it is very durable. A mosaic of natural stone is composed of quartz and marble. When producing mosaics it is cut, is treated and polished end. Small mosaic is used on the floor and walls of the bathroom. With the help Mosaics can create interesting designs, figures and ornaments in the bathroom, and more.
It is best to view the interior of pearl mosaic, it looks very rich, beautiful, gentle. Mother of pearl mosaic looks as good in the ornamentation of furniture. Mosaic made of wood in the interior tub will last a very long time. Mosaic made of wood made from the materials of oak, ash. The bathroom is the use of wood – a rarity, as the tree could quickly deteriorate from moisture and, therefore, plastic furniture can be pasted wooden mosaic.
If you want to make the bathroom a modern, stylish, use a ceramic tile with a metallic sticker pasted by metal or bronze. This tile looks really modern. A simpler version, the use of glass tiles, glass tiles can be shiny, matte, or just clear. A glass mosaic can add glitter. To create beautiful paintings in the interior of the precious stones are used, they will look great and are very expensive.

3-blue mosaic

4-beige mosaic

5-brown mosaic

6-blue mosaic

7-Hearts of mosaic

8-of red mosaic

9-bright green mosaic

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