Elegant Swedish Apartment

November 20, 2013
Posted in Apartments

1-attic room

The small apartment is built in the Swedish style, and looks really nice the inside. This beautiful loft has a small area of only 90 square meters. The whole apartment is very creative and interesting.

2-beautiful staircase

Every corner of the room laid out in detail in the interior of a very high ceiling, and they are very expand the space. All rooms are modern and demonstrate creativity.

3-comfortable dining table

The apartment is a very charming living room, a spacious kitchen and white, each zone is very well thought out, many functional areas.

4-beautiful terrace

The kitchen in the apartment and a lovely terrace with sliding doors and windows, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful sight from the window on nature. Comfort food is the fact that the windows and sliding doors, which is very convenient.

5-white kitchen

The kitchen is built in white always looks really beautiful, there are plenty of shelves for storing utensils, tools. The wall in the kitchen near the work area trimmed with gray tiles.

6-white bedroom

A sleeping room with a very simple decoration, raw plaster, looks very bumpy, but beautiful. The floor in the room is light, and fits well with light-colored walls, replace the nightstand light chair, nightstand and interesting.

7-light floor

The terrace is made in very light shades, the base is made of wood, the wall is also made of wood, interesting wooden ladder serves as shelves for candlesticks, and also has beautiful indoor plants.

8-toilet in the room

Bathroom done very well, there is a washing machine, tumble dryer, which is put on top, which is very convenient and does not take up much space. WC also placed in a light color, with raw plaster. Near the basin is lined with beautiful, fine mosaic that looks very modern.

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