Modern design with a beautiful and interesting style

November 20, 2013
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Beautiful apartments and monochrome look flawless in bright colors. This beautiful apartment is situated in the capital of Slovakia. This apartment would suit well for a calm nature that calm, very carefully decorated by and attracted to its simplicity.


Due to the large amount of white can look if it is wrong to combine may seem tedious, but the beautiful and additional accessories, it seems flawless. If it is wrong to combine may seem boring, but the beautiful and additional accessories, it looks flawless.

3-beautiful wall

Kitchen snow-white color goes well with light wooden floors, with small boards. The kitchen in the vicinity with a round table looks very beautiful and interesting. To make room, the wall of the kitchen was done in a darker tone.

4-beautiful cabinet

TV frames the beautiful white cabinets, and a beautiful pedestal on which the television, flanked by beautiful pots, cacti dark green.

5-white sofa

Given the small size of the apartment, sitting room, kitchen and dining area are in the same room, but they are very well connected and operational.

6-white chest of drawers

In the bedroom the bed is the perfect dresser, milk-white color, low dresser, has a glossy texture. Can be placed on a dresser box with pictures, house plants, vases, and inside the chest can be hidden bed linen or clothing.

7-white bed

The seam is very large and comfortable, because leather trim it looks a little bulky, but not much light furniture fills the room. Beautiful textile monochrome color, gives the bedroom chic and luxurious feel.

8-light input

The corridor is also made in a light style, very cute shoe rack even has a warm and pleasant light. Mirrored wardrobes expand the space of a small corridor. All the furniture looks good because it has a texture and a glossy material.

9-brown bathroom

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