Cool Towel Radiators

November 21, 2013
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First, some explanation: the ‘cool’ in the title is pretty ambiguous, and could be worrying, in light of the context. This is the cool of catwalks and record stores, of movie premieres and publishing sensations, not, well, the cold inertness of a broken radiator!

One thing that fascinates me is the fact that – now – nothing is too small, too functional or otherwise boring to escape the attention of innovative designers. Radiators are one thing that comes under this rubric, with some seriously astonishing and unique designs available.

Now, your standard radiators, and heated towel radiators for that matter, followed a very strict design path. They tended to be horizontally situated, and would be in brutalist blocky shapes. To add insult to injury, the everyday radiator would be basted in horridly dull neutral shades. Boring.
It is not exactly difficult to find outlandish and/or unique radiator designs now, in part due to the medium you are currently using: the internet. I just undertook a bit of a cyber-rummage myself and within minutes came up with these cool images…

1-purple wall

This reminds me, for some reason, of the disorientating painting on the wall of Roger Sterling’s office in Mad Men. Representing a completely unorthodox shape, it does have a serious retro essence, while being large enough to hold a lot of towels and be a design feature in and of itself.

2-beautiful shelves for towels

This one is cool because it pretty much hides its actual function. This merely looks like sleek, metallic, minimalist shelving, but this hides an electric heated towel rail. The towels can be stacked neatly in the alcoves there and warmed through, not to mention warmed up. This, for me, I’m afraid, is an essential function in winter. If I was being completely honest, I’d probably end up storing all my clothes on here, wet or not, simply to keep them toasty.

3-beautiful regiment

You might well be wondering why I went for this, as it doesn’t seem too outlandish. I just like the rounded, neat simplicity of it though. This could be fitted high up on the wall and be really unobtrusive, perfect for a clutter-free or small bathroom. The chrome finish is also fairly widely available now, but its gleam is appealing, brightening up your bathroom.
Try it for yourself. You might be surprised with what you might find.

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