The combination of two colors in the interior

November 22, 2013
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1-two colors in the interior

When selecting and decorating the walls, many choose pure painting wallpaper or paint the walls a different color. Optionally choose one color, you can pluck a few important to properly mix the colors and finding one to suit each other. You can also combine colors, or create their own shade.
Some believe that painting wallpaper looks really boring and not as interesting as wallpaper with patterns. Many mistakes and afraid to experiment. Pluses paint that it is well blended, but trust painting best professionals. Interior painting in different colors requires precise calculations, and since this painting worth phased patience and accuracy.
Before you can create and do interior painting, worth considering future interior room and his style. It is worth considering where and what furniture will be placed and where the main light source.

How to choose the right color contacts?

Shaven neutral or pastel shades or those that are suitable for bright colors.

You can choose an assortment of bright colors.

You can choose a completely different shades and combine warm cold: like green and blue, red and blue, gray and yellow. Cost in advance on paper test whether the wall to see how the two colors will be combined, it will prevent you from wasting time and rework. The hardest issue is the boundary between two different colors. It is possible to publish a beautiful border, wooden slats, mosaics, pebbles, or other materials.
The most popular painting of walls, horizontal, when the upper part, for example, painted in blue color, and lower in red, and a sharp boundary can hide beautiful wooden rail neutral color.

2-black and white ink

2-gray with black

3-green stripes

4-diamonds of different colors

5-diamonds of different colors

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Dining room in luxury home

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