Bright and unpredictable style Kitsch

November 25, 2013
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1-kitsch style

Kitsch style translates as – full range, trash. Can often be applied in decorating apartments and interiors. This style is different from all others, it may seem crazy, unpredictable and most tasteless style. This flashy and provocative style has recently become popular among young people and not only.

2-bright chairs

In kitsch can use accessories that will be filled with vivid colors that will not fuse together.

3-pink sofa

This style ridicules rich objects, such as this cheap and bright pink sofa, on plain white legs, looks very funny.

4-green pillows

Kitsch style can sometimes dilute the dull and dreary decor bright spots, it can be seated cushions, or a bright and funny carpet.

5-narrow bed

Children’s room is not the place for kitsch style, but if it is done in a fabulous style and elaborately everything correctly, you can get magical and bright.

6-round bed

Kitsch style always involves a parody of wealth, but everything is done correctly, proving that enthusiasm for anything that can be of cheap materials and build apartment.

7-bright wallpaper

If you want to create design kitsch, not necessarily bad taste to use, you can simply select from bright objects and arrange them in one spot.

>8-green lines

White color blends well with bright green stripes, but this interior kitchen confuses and makes a bit of a frightening atmosphere resembles a big spider web.

9-rocking chair

In this interior used furniture that cannot be merged with each other, hanging chair, which is usually constructed of glossy plastic, built from simple twigs and sofa similar to the one which was used in the most simple eatery.

10-bright wallpaper

Very bright red color is not combined with the carpet goes well with small blue accents in the kitchen, which somehow different shades. Such a flashy color will not please everyone.

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