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November 25, 2013
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1-black bookcase

Shelving in the interior is an integral part, as a rule, they are located in the living room for storing books and a common comfort. Shelving in the interior has a big role, and can be wall, some of them have a very complicated structure, there are also lockers and tables, where you can also deliver the equipment, and other equipment such as a TV. Narrow sofas will be best positioned for sofas, and it can hold magazines and books. And to read a book rather reach out his hand and take it with any shelf. Also rack can be placed in the bedroom, some people like to read before bedtime, and hence can be identified behind the bed a long rack . It is best to hold the rack in place, which is very seldom used.

Racks can serve as for books and other items, for example, it can be very handy for a child’s room, but it is worth considering that it should be very small, and it can be placed on children’s toys and books. Should bear in mind that children’s rack should be bright, you can decorate, or pasted stickers to make it interesting. Shelving in the kitchen can be very appropriate if you are an adult collector of beautiful pottery. In the kitchen you can use metal structures, wood, they can also place the dishes, and various decorative items, or place the kitchen, cereals. Open shelving in the kitchen is used more often in Scandinavian style. Less open shelving in the kitchen is that they get dirty and covered with fat. Shelving nice piece of furniture that things were in their seats.

2-white bookcase


4-curve rack

5-long rack

6-classic bookcase

B 10317

8-white bookcase

9-to ceiling bookcase

10-to ceiling bookcase

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