Bright and beautiful kitchen

November 27, 2013
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1-bright yellow kitchen

Bright kitchen has only recently entered the fashion minimalist earlier welcomed, bright color. Also, before all the dishes were a standard shape, figure, with regular patterns. But in 2013 the fashion for bright colors challenges its significance. Moreover brighter shades can be combined with simple, classic and beautiful color.

Bright shades, colors will blend well and look good in modern interiors. By the bright and popular shades can be attributed to the coral, bright burgundy and gloss finish. Bright kitchen look bright, fun, and improve mood, and can also play the appetite, especially lifting appetite and characteristic bright orange color.

Also popular in interiors bright dark shades: blue, blue, gray, with contrasting accents. Such bright colors will look good with black, or with natural wood shades, or white.
In 2013 fashionable to use complex and difficult shades that can be made with the help of mixing bright colors, for example: pink and beige, green and yellow, blue and purple, and other shades. Make the kitchen in bright colors – fashionable and beautiful. This interior will make the kitchen a special mood.

When selecting colors, you cannot rely exclusively on the choice of bright furniture, but also to choose a bright background, then the furniture should choose a more moderate tone. For instance, you can choose furniture made of natural materials or natural shades for example light color, light wood. For instance, the background may be bright blue, and the furniture should be light and shade of beige, or a more restrained color. You can also select a satin texture, which renders the interior is modern and you can choose a matte texture. Natural wood with bright colors give the kitchen a varied and innovative look.

2-beautiful furniture

3-green cabinets

4-bright textiles

5-pink wall

6-different colors

7-yellow oven

8-yellow oven

9-beautiful patterns

9-striped carpet

10-light green kitchen

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