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November 27, 2013
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1-beautiful furniture

Natural and Eco style lately gaining momentum. He appeared in the late twentieth century. Eco style was associated with the appearance and mood natural naturalness.
Features a modern design in Eco style combined with a cozy atmosphere, comfort and relaxation. When creating Eco style interior materials used, of course it is entirely natural and organic materials such as wood, flax, stone, and vine.

When selecting a background or shades is to choose a subdued color, produced in an ecological way, it is best to use low-key and beautiful shades, it can be bed images and shades. Preferred natural shades. For example it can be: wood color, cream, olive, sand, and yellow, blue color, fresh green color.

The idea of ecological style is that a person takes over the care of nature and the environment. This style is well suited for those who love the simplicity and naturalness. Eco style is not everyone can afford, as used in the interior do not use cheap synthetics, and other non-natural materials for example plastic.

First of all, Eco style consists of a kind of furniture. Furniture can be made of wood, glass and vines. Natural materials make your place cozy and comfortable. To accentuate the interior can be used wicker chairs, they can be suspended lily rocking chairs. To wicker chair was comfortable, you can use a cotton blanket or coat. You can use a blanket of wool or sheep.

For storage you can use baskets, boxes, and wicker or walnut branches. You can establish a convenient closet with drawer’s wicker shelves. In the interior can use handmade embroidery to decorate the table, dressers, for example, or even decorate the bottom. The dining table can be overlaid with a linen napkin with beautiful patterns, or it may be cotton tablecloth.

2-beautiful pictures

3-bright kitchen

4-eco bedroom


6-lunch place

7-beautiful living room

8-beautiful window

9-beautiful hemp

10-same floor and ceiling

11-this bathroom

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