Cream and lilac color in the bedroom

November 28, 2013
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Cream color in the interior – it’s one of the most gentle and beautiful combinations that are very nice and lovely shades, but this scale is rarely used in interior design. We offer you a small selection of photos, where you can make a combination of light and delicate composition.

The combination of soft purple and lilac color, harmony and good will look in the bedroom. It is perfect for a light and romantic nature. This color will also be relevant to the room of a young child, it is best for a child’s room a girl, it will be relevant as a young age, and is also suitable as a teenager. Color light and airy like a marshmallow.

The interior in this color scheme can make a photon, but is best used items. Lilac color in combination with a cream will look harmonious and delicate shades of pink, lilac, and also white. You can use the rich lilac and purple hues, and then you should choose not cream, and more coffee and beige color, for example, coffee with milk. To create delicate shades can select multiple gently cream and beige shades.

The main task in the bright purple interior does not make it too sweet, and infantile, it should be a romantic and sweet, but no more. The interior should be comfortable for human existence, and not play with dolls. Beautiful and air curtains will miss the soft light. Such a delicate shade abhors and welcomes bright and colorful shades, they will not be relevant in soft purple color. Also accessories that you will be selected under this interior should be airy and beautiful, it can be: white beautiful figurines, delicate dry lavender flowers, bright pillows or light wool velour.


3-bright pillows

4-bright bed

5-beautiful bedroom

6-purple wall

7-beautiful curtains

8-beautiful plaid


10-Pink in the interior

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