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November 29, 2013
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Large and spacious house is designed for a large extended family and where large numbers of children. The class consists of six members of the family. Their name is Laura, Bob, and their children – Bram, Max, Merel and Liv. The house is really nice and very large. This lovely family lives in the Netherlands. Used modern and bright style that pleases the eye.

2-Double Bed

Family members Laura and Bob were created for each other and learned a long time ago, when they were still very young. During this long period, they found out how many children they want, and how to look their comfortable home in which they will live with their children.

3-bright walls

This pair is created for each other, and then they themselves think they are always so good and tastes converge with each other. All of their previous homes were as smart as this one.

4-long table

The main idea of the interior, to make the house comfortable to live, play and joint rest, and receive all the invitees. The ambiance is very cozy and comfortable for all class members.


Some of the walls hung with bright photo wallpapers with interesting scenery. Girls Bedroom with white and simple furniture. A true girly background wallpaper. Each room is very comfy and cozy.


Girls live in his private room , and the boys , too, in a separate , each child has a space for play and creativity and intellectual development, something to read books , someone draws, these children never sit on the earth , in such bright rooms You can always have fun, learn, and do interesting things. Parents taught all the wishes of children and to create a favorable atmosphere for their existence. It is very important that the family has a playroom where all children can play simultaneously and do to tune in to the working atmosphere of learning.

7-two children


9-red sofa

10-red sofa

11-red sofa

12-large family

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