The use a wooden floor in the interior

December 3, 2013
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1-dark floor in the interior

Wood – the most noble material that is frequently used in the interior. Wood can be different colors, breeds quality textures. Wood used in the production of: doors, windows, floors, furniture and even utensils. Wood gets a terrific texture and notable for its beautiful tone and quality of other materials.

Wooden fittings themselves can afford only wealthy people as a good type of wood is very expensive. How to choose the right floor covering and color? Most budget flooring options are simply a wooden base that is made of poor quality. It is best to use – laminate. Laminate – one of the more expensive materials for flooring. Pluses laminate: it has good heat resistance, moisture resistance, it repels dirt.
Expensive wooden floor rocks give the interior elegance and expensiveness. New technologies are able to process tree in such a way that it almost does not spoil, and maintained its high cost. Each board undergoes special treatment, painted with a special varnish.

The material is the most unpopular – parquet, he had gone out of fashion, and not used by designers in new projects as quickly fade, deteriorate, and unattractive in appearance. Moreover parquet expensive material, and very problem is how to go to. When choosing a floor, it is worth to choose the right design to interior combined with color, texture or pattern tree.
Wood floors are best used in country houses, because if you fill the neighbors in the apartment, there is a probability that the parquet simply deteriorate and have to redo everything, but it is expensive. Also you can get warm parquet. Then you do not need in the house carpets, and you can walk barefoot along a warm floor.

2-dark floor in the interior

3-black floor in the interior

4-gray floor in the interior

5-light in the dark interior

6-laminate in dark interior

7-dark burgundy in the interior

8-dark walnut color in the interior

9-light laminate flooring in the interior

10-wooden floor in the bathroom

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