The use yellow in the interior

December 3, 2013
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The workplace will look best in a bright yellow color, this color will delight and awaken in the morning, you can tune to work, yellow can be combined with calmer colors – green, to mitigate the situation, as is done on the interior floor – green.

2-yellow living room

Attic – a perfect space for living room design, the living room look nice and warm with warm and yellow. Fireplace in the room looks really warm, and winter evenings will complement the ambiance.

3-yellow living room

The yellow color in the interior should be decorated in the same style, then it will look more noble. Yellow color blends well with other colors used in this case white and black.

4-yellow wallpaper

Kitchen in warm shades of yellow color combination of two men is the background of the work area beautiful yellow wallpaper with small flowers. A white color makes the kitchen warm and cozy.

5-yellow floor

An amazing combination of white furniture with warm yellow living room floor doing all the cute and cozy. Large window visually expands the space in the room.

6-yellow bathroom

Bedroom interior in warm shades and tints of various yellow goes well with lemon and cream color, this design will give the room elegance.

7-yellow patterns

Part of the dining room is embellished with a beautiful wallpaper yellow pattern that adorns the room and makes it fun.

8-yellow bathroom

The bathroom is the spot where you want to feel the warmth and comfort. Shades of yellow certainly will warm in the winter morning.

9-yellow kitchen

If you want to give the kitchen an elegant and austere appearance, you can use the yellow furniture in the kitchen, and the walls with a dark background, it may be gray or black.

10-green with yellow

This color scheme is well suited for a teenager’s room, she has a nice palette, light and bright colors. Yellow will adjust to work, and always uplifting.

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