Warm and romantic shades of the interior

December 3, 2013
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1-Children's bedroom

Romantic style refers to the traditional; this style allows and promotes relaxation. To create a romantic atmosphere, you can use the following materials: antique furniture, vintage furniture, textiles velvet, silk, satin, and lace patterns. To create the romantic atmosphere gloss should buy beautiful curtains.
The most popular place to create a romantic setting – bedroom, on the second bathroom. These two positions are ideal for creating romance. Do not forget about the kitchen and living room, if you are creative and romantic nature, you can beat any. Room in the romantic style.

To create a romantic atmosphere, use a few important tips:
Use warm shades
Muted tones
Painted in pastel colors
Use color, live plants, and beautiful candles
Use soft and fluffy carpets, with a large stack
Use beautiful textiles: silk, velvet and cotton

Romantic style has a lot of feminine elements like a shot, so if you want to apply it in the living room, do not do it too corny to make guests feel relaxed.
In the romantic shades of color are used bedding, fine prints with beautiful colors or patterns, which can be as background , and may be on the furniture. To create a room with glitter use mirrors, lamps and cute with a nice and soft illumination. Complete the romantic atmosphere will aroma lamps or candles, which will be located in the room, the main thing is not to overdo it. It is best to apply the interior a romantic style using silk – it can be a pillow or bed linen, beautiful curtains or a tablecloth.

2-beautiful living room

3-beautiful bedroom

4-gray bedroom

5-pink kitchen

6-pink bedroom

7-pink bedroom

8-warm bath

9-round table

10-amazing bathroom

11-bright flowers

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