The mirror in the bedroom interior

December 4, 2013
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2-Mirror on a table

Mirror – a compulsory subject, and attribute for any home without it anywhere. With assistance. Beautiful mirrors can decorate the interior. Mirror in the bedroom controversial issue, some of his fear. Some are of the opinion that the mirror in the bedroom should not be placed.

Following the advice Feng Shui mirror in the bedroom is not the place, as it is superfluous. The bed should not stand in front of the mirror, so as not to embarrass the man, and not distract from sleep, and not to be afraid, rising at night.

With assistance. Correct placed mirrors can expand the space, increase, and give additional lighting in the interior. The main task to place mirrors correctly and do not overdo it with the number of mirrors. Desirable to place a mirror in a separate dressing room in the master bedroom. Many designers use mirrors bedside solely for decorative purposes, this method is very popular. The only negative – often sit in the mirror dust, and it’s not easy to clean above the bed. To avoid this problem, you can use small mirrors to create an image of some of them.

Another blank wall can be decorated with beautiful mirror with a mirror can brighten up a blank wall, and thus visually make a small room, great. If the room allows you to put a beautiful table with a mirror, you should apply this idea. The table looks beautiful – nice and very beautiful, and is a favorite attribute of women. Availability dresser brings femininity room, comfort, and a positive note. If two people are living room, you should take a more direct form of the mirror that was a neutral choice. If the room is a small amount of space, you can put a mirror above tables that stand beside the bed. This option will be very interesting and creative, each person on their side will mirror. Mirrors very diverse forms: square, circle, oval and so on.

3-The mirror above the fireplace

4-dark bed

5-Mirrors on the sides

6-near mirror cabinets

7-near mirror cabinets

8-mirror behind the bed

9-mirror as an accessory

10-mirror as an accessory

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