Beautiful house for a large family in New York

December 5, 2013
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1-brick wall

This beautiful home has equipped a large family, almost without the assistance of designers. The firm is located in New York. Residents of this house famous fashion designer Tessa Pimontel, her husband’s name is Hans Neleman, and he acts as a photographer. They thought through every detail, and they did make the interior cozy.

This family insanely lucky as they are creative people, they set a goal and know how it will look their family nest. They have long dreamed of a cozy nest where they can begin a family and study simultaneously.

3-chair in the living room

At Hans is in the house a studio that allows him to operate from the comfort of home. Plus the fact that they always wanted to live in the country to protect the health of urban emissions.

4-open shelves

Given the creative masters, they have thought through and place for the kids to have them, where to walk in the game to run without causing damage to the house. In the interior of the house with plenty of natural light, making the room comfortable and roomy.


When purchasing a home, they got rid of the old things, and placed new pieces of furniture that does not clutter up the space, and not aggravate it.

6-large bedroom

Home Furniture chose colonial used as background opal, beautiful designs and interesting furniture that does not look like a regular. Beautiful white bed with a canopy. The most interesting balcony above the bottom, which allows for certain Hans photograph sleeping wife, which is very nice.

7-long measles...

All the furniture was almost brought and donated European relatives. The furniture looks very imposing, but they bought some furniture and flea market.

8-long measles...

The main color: wood color and white color that draws the whole house cozy and comfortable.

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