Beautiful table setting for NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS

December 9, 2013
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1-beautiful table

New Year is very close, and it is time to think not just about the design of the apartment, but also the design and serving the holiday table. Christmas table serves very simple, if you think we should think in advance colors. Should choose one or two color gamut and no more so as not to overdo it with bright colors.
As a rule table is decorated in traditional colors: red and green. These two colors look very harmonious with each other. Is to choose accessories in the same colors, or choose a neutral color: white. In second place are: silver, golden hues, blue with white accents. These colors will make the room very festive.

If you do not like the combination of red and green using the white and red color interior. This remarkable combination of such interior brings the interior romantic atmosphere. This decision is a classic and traditional interior. For the table, you can use balls, napkins, candles, big bows.

Golden color – a rich, bright and shiny. Good and noble color that will create a vibrant atmosphere. With sequins can own paint balls, dishes, tree, windows, glass, and other dishes. Golden color can be used with a dark color.
Silver color in the New Year interior beautiful pure white snow that glistens from the cold, and sparkles . And as the snow looks great in sunny days. Can be placed on the table beautiful and bright silver sequins, ribbons and accessories.
Bright and juicy gamma in decorating the Christmas table will become a new trend in modern interiors. Delicate and bright shades look very merry and very atmospheric mood. Natural materials in the interior have recently been very popular among designers and modern humans. Of the accessories you can use stamps, cones, branches, bright ribbons and other appurtenances.

2-beautiful decoration

3-modern interior

4-red balls

5-beautiful branch

5-three candles


7-beautiful plate

8-beautiful plate...

9-beautiful plate...

10-beautiful tableware

11-beautiful tableware

12-beautiful tableware

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