Beautiful and alternative tree for New Year

December 10, 2013
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1-Alternative tree

New Year just around the corner, and has very little time to decorate the house, and if you do not like the classic Christmas tree, the tree can create your own or find the original discovery. The tree can be creative and interesting enough to make the effort.

The creative Christmas tree is perfect for those apartments where space is limited or many pets who love to have fun with Christmas trees.
In the first place, of course, is a simple artificial tree, it can be any size, color, does not require special cleaning, the main task is to get a good quality tree. Most popular artificial Christmas trees – white, they seem very original.

Simply select a blank wall on which to place the tree, it can be made of paper, of tinsel, lights or simple, basically all you can do improvised. You can also construct a simple tree twigs and glued to the wall. Embellish it with beads, ribbon and LED. If you have washable tree can simply draw or glue ribbon and decorate with colorful balls.

The simplest solution to use the slate, which can be placed in any room space on the table, you cannot simply get a tree, but also write wishes.
The original decision to make from a simple ladder, the ladder can be either wood or just a stepladder. A ladder can be decorated with beautiful balls, LED ribbon and tinsel. Simple stairs are very similar to the tree, so this great alternative.

If you are an avid reader of books make the tree, it is very original and simple solution, the book can be left in the open form or closed.
Christmas trees can be used instead of the simple wooden branches, which can be hung balls, and painted white, and wrap garland bright, festive atmosphere ready.

2-Christmas trees in the new year

3-tree wood

4-Tree of stairs

5-Tree of stairs

6-scary tree

7-tree on the ceiling

8-Tree of pillows

9-Christmas tree made of books

10-Christmas tree made of branches

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