Christmas home decoration

December 18, 2013
Posted in Apartments

1-beautiful house

This lovely house belongs to a cute and lovely couple Martha and Bob. Holiday – it is primarily a home decoration, and it presents under the tree, and beautiful toys. This family wants to be their New Year holiday and was in the house and outside the house. This family a large number of children and grandchildren who love to come to him at the banquet. The interior of the whole house done in vintage fashion. The interior uses antique furniture, and this interior looks very elegant.

2-beautiful fireplace in the street

This large family certainly lucky that they do not have snow, and you can spend the evening in front of the fireplace, this option is very suitable and decorates the house and its grounds.

3-beautiful entrance

Beautiful porch is presentable decoration, and also has beautiful candle lights are very attractive for those who enter the room.

4-beautiful lamp

Old and worn chairs can decorate with candles and beautiful candles or black candlesticks that create entourage.

5-green Christmas tree

Login at home also can decorate a big shot also set home for birds beautiful, or beautiful balls of twigs.

6-green Christmas tree

Warm and cozy fireplace in the house most importantly, a fireplace can decorate a Christmas tree branch, which will adorn the house and create a festive atmosphere.

7-round table

A cozy sitting room with a round table, bright apples, and beautiful Christmas wreaths, which cannot even be adorned with miniatures.

8-beautiful chairs

Chairs in the old wooden style and looks very interesting, their vintage style perfectly emphasizes interior and makes it a vintage style and country.

9-beautiful gifts

Christmas trees can be decorated with beautiful lights, which are well decorated the Christmas tree and create a magical atmosphere.

10-amazing tree

11-beautiful living room

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