Wooden wall in the interior

December 23, 2013
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1-beautiful lamps

Wooden wall decoration as a whole is created from natural boards, they can be different sizes, textures, colors and materials, and wood. Typically, this pattern was popular in modern houses, home temporarily, for example in the Chalet. House chalets were built usually in the mountains and lived there temporarily shepherds, it was their place heating.

2-beautiful sofa

Using a wooden wall in the interior creates a magical atmosphere. This house will be warm, snug and comfortable. This tree is the most popular of all materials, precious and environmental.

3-beautiful chair

Three simple and not expensive stuff all depend on the kind of stone that is chosen for processing house, room, or apartment. Modern technologies allow handling it with a different configuration, and creating interesting patterns for design.


Interiors with wooden walls, the material is well embedded in the interior, it looks good, give the interior uniqueness. Wood adds a vintage style interior. The interior can be used and log elements. For example, many homes create a large amount of logs.

6-dark wall

A wall built of wood, it will look beautiful. Walls can sheathe beautiful wooden planks. They can be supplied in a beautiful color or varnish, as it can be frosted or colored.

7-light wall

Wooden wall can be only one in the interior, for example, if you want to choose a specific object, like this fireplace in the interior.

8-shabby wall

This wooden wall looks nice, and individually, different breeds, the tree look like without treatment, slightly rough texture. This interior looks really cool and beautiful interior.

9-wall with mirror

Wooden partition wall may be in another room, for example, and can be in the middle of the window, and proper lighting will create the proper ambience.

10-chestnut wall

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