15 modern and beautiful kitchen

December 26, 2013
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This collection there is a lovely 15 kitchens in the darkest black in 2013 became popular, and fun for all to see.

2-black kitchen

The kitchen is small, black and volume looks very nice and neat, and bright flowers adorn the room. The kitchen is separated big black wall which is a convenient storage system.

3-beautiful countertop

Black color blends well with dark brown creates chrome texture, floor blends beautifully with dark sunglasses.

4-chalk board

On a black kitchen will look chalky relevant board on which is convenient to write recipes, menus, or just love letters.

5-dark black kitchen

Black kitchen can be decorated with bright lights, in golden color or chrome lamp. Actual bar will flow with beautiful bar stools.

6-white wall

Black kitchen can freshen green flower pots with beautiful sights, or bright and beautiful designer chairs. In the kitchen to make a lighter, you can adjust the light countertops.

7-gray floor

Stretching can be done or beat in the interior furniture color, and also in texture. The table top can be in chrome color.

8-glossy floor

Large and spacious kitchen connected with dining area, a combination of black and white looks very individually and build the interior bright colorful chairs.

9-beautiful tree

Two different cuisines but one black look great, in the first picture in black and supplied with all the ashen color and the second color black and blue, and looks very nice.

10-white ceiling

Black and white – it’s a good classic, a combination of warm colors makes the kitchen a very elegant three different backgrounds, for example is the first basin, the second one is an island, and a third table for dinner or breakfast joint, and can also be a work area.

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