Magnificent Apartments in Dublin

January 8, 2014
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A beautiful and amazing house built lovely designers Romanelli & Hughes, the mansion was built in Dublin. The theatre is suited for a large family and a comfortable stay.

2-beautiful veranda

The house is built in the classic style, with Dan for comfortable living, this house is like many. It has several rooms with beautiful bedrooms, a bathroom, and a beautiful lounge.

3-beautiful bathroom

Each room is designed to trifles. Every detail is thought through, color, texture, and beautiful fabrics. This apartment looks very modern and beautiful.

4-dark kitchen

It’s all presented as a dining room, kitchen, interior is very beautiful and practical, 2 different tables, where they can have breakfast or dinner two different couples, and a kitchen-dining room seem even loft-style cafes.


Living in a minimal manner, no excess furniture, hung on the walls of black beautiful pictures of the moon in different stages, creates a feeling of being in the universe, and white furniture is fluttering cloud. This room is perfect for watching movies on the projector.

6-beautiful sofa

This room is more like the work area, a wall made in brick style, on the floor there is also a sand-colored tiles, which encompasses two different color carpets, dark and light.

7-dark bedroom

Bedroom with dark tones, good place to stay, temporary, for example, to stay, or rent a cottage for a wedding. Many shades of gray in everyday life can have a negative effect on mood.


The bathroom is constructed in the same beautiful and lovely color, chrome things copper color and looks very rich, dark gray looks very rich.

10-Ombre style

Bedroom, made in the style of Ombre – looks great, a beautiful combination of colors, beautiful ottoman Leatherette, goes well with the bedside table.

11-beautiful living room

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