Nursery room in modern style

January 13, 2014
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In this post you will discover a selection of bedrooms for teenage boys, there is as small rooms and large. Resemble boys with female children, they also love to dream, live action games. The room should be made for sleeping and relaxing, games, and also classes. Everything has to be practical and proportionate.

2-beautiful shades

Bright and interesting colors, interesting furniture looks nice and not flashy. On the wall can be beautiful poster that serves a sporty flair. This room is more suitable teenager.

3-bright room

The room is well suited for two active boys who love to play with balls, also has storage system, which is very convenient. Despite the dark wall lighting in the room more natural with huge windows.

4-bright room

Bright room light green and interesting color blends perfectly with the blue room is well suited for a student will soon develop its intuition.

5-black room

Dark shades are well suited for an older child who is balanced, likes to dream, but the furniture should choose a light to the situation was not depressing.

6-red room

Colorful room, red and white very well and blend in, this color will stimulate the child or young person on a permanent activity in studies, sports, and recreation.

7-bright wallpaper

Simple and budget option, light furniture, a large number of shelves, cabinets, allowing you to store things and hide unnecessary toys.

8-beautiful floor

Black color looks well with purple and red. Gender light natural wood, and looks very noble.

9-white ceiling

Attic room suitable for the dreamer, and the little storyteller who believes in magic and does it himself.

10-light furniture

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