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January 14, 2014
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The house where guests are sure to come often have often bars, tables, bar counters and other furniture that makes life easier and is designed for storage of alcoholic beverages. The Bar can be beautiful, with expensive and tasty beverages. The truth is, not all drink, so you can store juices, soda and other beverages. The bar can be either built or just a small table on wheels. Likewise, it may just be bright and tray, which harmoniously underline the entire interior. The Bar can be either open or closed, it totally depends on the space and taste.

2-beautiful table

Bar should look great, and it’s a situation that should be allocated in the interior. On the table should stand only those things that are constantly in use. Can be stored next to the glasses only cost them hide in the closet to avoid the dust settles.

3-light stand

When the room is a large number of people, and a small bar, chosen for him is not quite easy, so some may consider the option of a bar, this option is suitable for those who have a large and spacious room.

4-small table

You can select a budget and inexpensive glass table on small wheels, so it can be put anywhere in the room.

5-glass table

Bar on wheels very fit and will save space, its advantages are that it is very easy to experienced. You can choose a beautiful bottle of booze. Also worth a buy special mold for ice, this is very convenient and practical.

6-oval table

This bar looks very beautiful and interesting, color or metallic bronze color, looks very expensive and gorgeous.

7-dark interior

8-table on wheels

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