Magical children’s rooms

January 15, 2014


This beautiful and wonderful post in itself is an interesting collection of beautiful and wonderful bedrooms for children. All rooms are magical, delicate and full of love. In the ribbon of each room invested a lot of effort and heat. Baby room can be done as a designer, and you yourself, as this is a temporary room, because later the child grows up, and slide the style of the room undoubtedly change completely. As long as you have the opportunity for creativity, create a warm and cozy nest for your baby.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

First of all, a room for the baby to be filled with beauty and give a feeling of joy, harmony, and it should be proportionate. Choose a modern style, bright and delicate shades, and it may be bed shades. This room is filled with light shades, white walls, wooden ceiling and pleasant. Furniture is also made of wood, there are beautiful pictures with cute patterns. You can choose a neutral shade with simple shades of the room can be easily changed, for example, complement the bright objects, accessories and furniture.

3-beautiful bed

Solid wood, bright, clean, looks very nice and easy. Room even in appearance looks very childish, like a tiny version.

4-beautiful white bed

Very modern room, nice and glossy floor, mobile version of the carriage, which can be easily moved to any corner of the room.

5-beautiful patterns

Agree patterns in pink shades make a room interesting, unusual and brilliant. White furniture complements the interior.

6-pink Room

The second variant of modern room only in pink. The bright yellow floor has a glossy texture and pink walls look very gently.

Ubabub babyware lifestyle shoot

Such a simple and concise version, very interesting lamp in the form of wood, rocking chair will relax and unwind.

8-beautiful trees

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