Bright kitchen in retro style

January 17, 2014
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Kitchen in retro style emphasizes mood, warmth and comfort room. Retro style may look modern, but it is not. Many people like this style, and many use it in its interior. The interior fabrics are only changed to a more modern, and beautiful. Retro style can be bright and catchy, or vice versa, more muted shades bedding.

2-white kitchen

In RETRO STYLE ALL should not be too strict, it is best if this is practical and easy. In the old markets can search old tiles, old furniture or choose and pick something more modern and interesting for your interior. The interior may be present old things as shelves, chairs, tables, bar stools and couches. You can choose this option as an old refrigerator. Most importantly, these objects are allocated and looked impressive.

3-birds in the kitchen

For many retro kitchens mean a lot, for some, this style is very innovative. The kitchen can be modern and shining and beautiful furniture. The kitchen is very roomy and cheerful, the walls are painted with beautiful dolls. Carpets in the kitchen beautiful and interesting in different colors.

4-round table

This kitchen is very bright and interesting, white table – round and very interesting light on it, tabletop – glamorous, shiny and very beautiful, on the tables arranged fruit orange color and beautiful blooms.

5-blue kitchen

The kitchen is small, but also very practical and convenient, countertop colors metallic, white sink, kitchen have a nice greenish blue color.

6-bright green

Kitchen in a modern style with a smart accent to a bright green color, which harmonizes well with the brown color.

7-beautiful refrigerator

The fireplace looks very nice in the interior and meet more shelves for books.

8-excellent cuisine

The kitchen is large and spacious, sometimes reminiscent of the retro cafe, which creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

9-orange fridge

Retro decor can create through simple things – bright and fun fridge in retro style.

10-color turquoise

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