Interesting ideas sofas near the sill

January 30, 2014
Posted in Decor


These ideas in design space by the window sill, and also has an interesting finish. A window is a very interesting and attractive. Especially this place is well suited for reading books, natural light during the day can help you save energy. How to build a window seat and make it comfortable? The shell can decorate a comfortable bench and also decorate the bench pillows, blankets, and also put beside shelves for books and magazines. You can also make a functional place.


In this collection there are plenty of interesting ideas, maybe one of them you have to taste. Your sill must it not only convenient but also stylish, functional, it must have comfort. For decoration use sill beautiful and bright cushions, better a few differences, or in the same style. At the windows, hang curtains, bright and interesting approach to bedroom more laid back style, for example light shades, blinds or shades bedding, pillows and other accessories.
The shell can be a place of solitude, and overall comfort you can place on a window sill artificial skin, this style will be very interesting and unusual. Next to a window sill, if space permits, you can put chests, which will be placed books, accessories. Home library is large in which guests will be able to understand that you are very intelligent and love to read. Under the seat can be as hidden cupboards and open shelving, which is very convenient. Can be stored under the seats and other things. To create a custom interior , you can add bright accents in the room , for example near a bright window sill lay carpet.








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