Beautiful country house in France

February 3, 2014
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1-beautiful yard

A lovely country house in Eco’s Style is in one of the barns in Nice, France. The house looks great and most welcoming. Every year, the owners of this house Hans and Karen, their daughter Maya and Nina spend warm days here and suggest comfort and order in the house. Let’s walk through the wonderful home, and for some time in a warm, summer and greens.

2-beautiful bathroom

Narrow bathroom, beautiful, made in eco-style sink simple top is a simple and beautiful shell, bottom curtain has also has a staircase with towels. Also, there is a mirror, beautiful and large, also has beautiful lights and Ikea mirror that easily slides out.

3-beautiful entrance

Entrance to the bathroom very simple and convenient, there are white wooden doors, floor laid pebbles and smeared with white putty walls and stacked stones and beautiful concrete.

4-simple bed

The master bedroom suite is very simple and convenient, and rough stone walls, the floor is paved with white and beautiful snow white boards that look very nice and smart. Replaces the simple bed mattress.

5-long staircase

Living room begins with white wooden stairs, window beautiful white and spacious, the ceilings white rough stones that are simply painted. The furniture is made independently and painted white.

6-large bed

Adult bed, large and comfortable, which is hidden canopy near the bottom hangs a mirror over the headboard, has beautiful depictions of all the family members.

7-magic curtain

Beside the bed is a large white wardrobe, also have blinds with beautiful butterflies, golden color.

8-wooden staircase

Outside the bedroom is a beautiful staircase to the second floor, which is on the rocks, and is made of rough boards.

9-beautiful wall

10-large kitchen

11-room table

12-beautiful sofa

13-table in the street

14-table in the street

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