Small apartment in Odessa

February 17, 2014
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1-beautiful bed

These flat are very little, but real practical. This flat is perfect for students or temporary residence, or those who do not like a bunch of distance. Besides, not everyone can afford large rooms and flats, and only a small space, the primary job is to choose the correct and functional furniture.

2-small place

The flat is adorned with wooden accessories, such as walls, furniture, and other particulars. The flat is placed in the attic, so all real interesting and comfortable developed.

3-compact kitchen

Kitchen interior small and thick, and have a workplace to function in the kitchen, and a smooth transition to the kitchen, which is really commodious. The invention is made very practical and usable.

4-living room

Living room seamlessly connects to a kitchen that allows dining and kitchen, in the living room or spends time with acquaintances.

5-beautiful bed

The bedroom is located on a small bed instead rise, and also which can be a scene, enough to remove the mattress and get free space. It turns out that the sleeper is located in a wooden box, very cozy and comfortable.

6-beautiful bed

Opposite the bottom hangs a large TV that you can observe in your surplus time is right for a transparent bathroom door.


The apartment is small, but the bathroom – spacious and very comfortable, there are no closed doors cumbersome due to the transparent glass doors room looks more and more distance.


Even the stairs have convenient shelves, which are very comfortable, workplace Resettled as a cupboard, and space for a computer hidden in the closet, and also have shelving for books, which are placed above the roof.


10-beautiful staircase

11-beautiful staircase

12-compact kitchen

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