Apartment in the attic in the Scandinavian style

February 18, 2014
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1-comfortable kitchen

Beautiful and interesting apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden, in a low country. The apartment is built in a modern style flat is only 64 square meters. The interior is very high roofs, which is very convenient and practical.

2-beautiful lamp

Flat design is very beautiful and practical, also beautiful and attractive dining room. In this dining room interior is very beautiful and made in the Scandinavian way. Referable to the large and this wood kitchen range in the winter heat in the rooms there.

3-spacious hallway

Living room seamlessly connected with the kitchen, the interior used several colors black and white base color, and the interior uses a great number of wooden accessories. Besides, the kitchen holds a discreet white wardrobe which is not visible in the interior, white gloss, which is really convenient and does not hold up much space, it is as it unifies with the wall.

4-a large table

Room in the interior of one big thanks to the comfortable furniture, it is split into several zones, for example, first is the kitchen, dining area, living room with hearth, and on the right is a corridor.

5-comfortable stove

For a huge stove, which is a rampart is a library, namely rack that can hold books. Lighting is turned up in the most unusual places, producing a warm atmosphere in the way.

7-beautiful flowers

Windows and daylight itself is on the roof, letting the room very positive light, and distribute light zoning. Beside the couch stands a beautiful coffee table.

8-dark wood floor

Some windows are turned up as usual window, and sill very carefully sorted and made very interesting.


Small bathroom, executed in one color, with an interesting color of marble. White room, all things white.

10-wooden Furniture

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