10 living rooms in classic mode

February 24, 2014
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Living room – this is the basic and central position in the apartment where you spend more time than usual. This can be a one night stay for a TV, watching a film or concert. Or it could be your family vacation, or persist with the invitees at the banquet table, or board games.

2-gray room

Perfect room, the windows have an interesting drape beautifully and simply tori translucent textiles have more blackout curtains. The interior uses warm and beautiful sunglasses that are used mild and pleasant manner that draws the room nice and snug.

3-LIGHT with brown

The living room will look good shades of brown, beige and white room in this color looks bright. Natural lighting makes the room elegant.

4-beautiful chandelier

Bright and a spacious living room, in the middle of the room there is a beautiful and big mirror which reflects the beautiful crystal pendant, which seems really expensive.

5-interesting table

Living room is very well-fixed, the interior is tender and inviting with a nice greenish color. Thanks to the green room interior looks cheerfully.

6-wood floors

This interior uses basic and simple style of minimalism. The interior uses warm shades. The room is small, merely the designer sought to create an interior comfortable and practical.

7-beautiful pictures

A very elegant living room, a spacious arch instead of doors visually expands the space. The walls are graced with paintings on the ceiling bright chandelier.

8-dark stone

Roomy living room and classic comfort and gives the room a classic standard fireplace that runs with wood. Furniture in the interior dark brown, has a sideboard, where stored utensils.

9-lots of windows

A color gray living room, a conservative approach is a living room for a young couple or a bachelor. The way is perfect lighting, a great bit of natural shades of brownish.

10-beautiful fireplace

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