Beautiful and bright home in Germany

March 5, 2014
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1-a big house

Beautiful and bright house has a long form, which resembles a rectangle. Until located on one part of the slope, and lies and hold the other hand due to the mount, under the theatre there is a route that is overlaid with asphalt, this decision instead of the garage under the theatre can be used as a parking lot, which is very convenient and practical. This adorable house is sited outside the urban center near the woods. The cabin is sited in Germany. A situation of this house rests in the fact that he separated from the other eye, and everything can be maintained in confidence. The top of the theatre is around three beats.

This beautiful clean home is designed for privacy, or for seed pairs of lovers, this option is perfectly and very easy. Each section of the house is designed for the purpose. The living way is open and has only transparent window. On one side the view opens to a beautiful and wonderful woods and nature.

Roof shape has sharp ends, and well completed rectangular structure. This wonderful house blends with the surrounding nature. Furniture for interior uses the minimum, the interior is more open space. Beautiful and warm interior decorated with colorful items, carpet accessories. Black carpet with vivid and beautiful colors that complete the full interior. The interior uses modern and practical furniture and appurtenances such as cookware hidden in the ledges. The inside utilizes a heavy amount of glass, which increases the distance yet. Furniture for interior uses white. Kitchen white, with long tops and islands that hide specialties.

2-on the other hand

3-beautiful house

4-cars under the apartment

5-beautiful terrace

6-large glass

7-bright carpet

8-sunny day

9-sunny day

10-blue clouds

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