Purple and lilac kitchen in the interior

March 11, 2014
Posted in Kitchen


Purple color was considered always very interesting and beautiful magical. When using purple in the interior must be real thrifty. The violet color is rich in several shades, which can be as drab and clear. In the design of purple kitchen are best suited, dark backgrounds, gold, brown, black, yellow and beige.


Most designers recommend not using white color in the interior where the kitchen used white because it does not suit, but many use it in malice of these testimonials.


With purple as accurately and in a minimum amount necessary to use green color, you can use purple shades with touches of green. Do not pick out too white ceiling and floor, and also do not get it too dreary.


Countertop and apron in the interior is to choose a different color, for instance, you can choose harmonious color gray, or flatware, or warm beige tone.


The kitchen purple chooses beautiful textiles. Take light and beautiful flowing fabrics, and you can also apply a fabric with sequins, do not pick out the blackout curtains, as purple kitchen it is very obscure.


What color is harmonious for curtains in the room? It is best to choose from the following colors: bright colors of green, yellow, pale orange, pale mauve, beige. The purple kitchen look in the interior is very productive and attractive.


If you act not like a purple kitchen, merely like the color violet, and violet can be used accessories: pillows, dishes, lampshades, math, and other supplements that can be combined well in the drab kitchen, or a white, yellow and others.




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