Small apartment of 25 square meters

March 13, 2014
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1-light house

The living room is the dining table, and in that respect is a sleeping double bed. Near the bottom hangs a beautiful seam, which constructs and decorates the interior. Beside the bed stands, flower pots with branching greens.

2-beautiful kitchen

From the position of the sofa and living area offers beautiful scenes of the white kitchen, small and very functional, near the kitchen holds a comfortable high table with bar stools. Tail him, you can cook a meal, and dinner. Sitting at the table, you can watch TV, or move to the lounge.

3-bed in the corner

Bed tenants located in the recess of the room. The bedside table instead of standing container for gasoline, which is glued to the book, and there are concrete pots. Most of the material was found on the street, in the old markets. Bed knitted plaid carpeting. White room dilutes the red canister and striped pillows.

4-comfortable sofa

Near the dining table is an old sofa, with beautiful stripes. Coffee table also homemade with bright tips. In the nook of the room is a floor lamp, on a long straw. Sill not made of blossoms. It is worth Globe, a small lamp, and CDs. Floor in the room is made of loose wood. White kitchen table, which associates to a dining room with kitchen and seized a heavy shaft.

5-Bright apron

Built-in kitchen and a separate room remind-box. Apron kitchen differs paved with colored tiles. Built-in appliances in the kitchen, and uses the minimum, white oven cooker. Near the kitchen there is a stool on which the form key.

6-beautiful staircase

Instead of cabinets and niche uses wooden staircase where there are books, and appurtenances.

7-narrow kitchen

Along the narrow kitchen window and there is even, and a separate battery that leaves for additional daylight into the inside.


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