Vacation house in Majorca

March 25, 2014
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1-beautiful bedroom

Romantic villa located in Majorca. It is designed to slow down and stay a humble folk, or allies, or for two. Close to the mansion is a great number of plants. The inside of the house is built in the old way, which arrives at the room cozy and beautiful. The interior is cooked in a Mediterranean style, there is a construction of stone and wood. The interior uses white colors, beige.


Kitchen in classical way, the primary material used: wood, rock. In that respect are more jobs for cooking. The kitchen is modest but usable.

3-stone wall

The second section of the bulwark in the kitchen blends well with the kitchen furniture, antique stone attached kitchen and harmonious ambience. Tiled floors in the semblance of the rock.


Entrance House is a beautiful arch, the top ceiling decorated large wooden beams. The floor is paved with little rocks. The interior uses old furniture that has worn furniture.

5-dining area

The living room walls are lined with stone, ceiling, floor as well. For decorative use beautiful accessories, paintings, coral, round glass jars. The house has plenty of daylight. The apartment has several dining tables, they are designed for ease. The second table in the living room area divided from the pulpit. In that respect is a low wall with shelves, clean. Along the table are two large and beautiful lamps. Zone finished darker brick that resembles corner in the eatery.


The living room has a fireplace, near which stands the coffee table. As well, there are comfortable chairs in which you can comfortably make up. There footrest to feel more easy. Stumps is also where you can sit down.

8-of the house

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