7 Important Elements to Give Your Apartment A Rustic Look

July 25, 2015
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A rustic style brings a natural comfortability to a home as well as giving it a charming atmosphere. It essentially evokes the organic beauty of nature and defines the essence of an honest design because of its simplicity but intricate feature. A rustic look is mostly defined as contemporary but in recent styles today it is also fused into a modern-industrial theme.
In this article, here are seven elements to incorporate in your apartment to give it a natural and rustic look.

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1. Natural Scenery
If the setting of your apartment is close to nature, it can amplify the natural design to your apartment. A room with a view of nature is an important element in giving your apartment that natural rustic theme. This element actually is incorporated and popularly used for a modern contemporary design. Keep close to the wildlife with the idea of an easy transition of just walking a few steps outside to get a great view of the whole green environment.

2. Nature-inspired Pieces
Adding a few indoor-plants in your apartment can give it a natural look and by having unprinted fabrics and animal fur can also be a great addition to the whole look. Other than that, a good example for your wall décor is hanging paint canvas and making them into a group for a collection on your wall feature. These little pieces can do wonders for your apartment with their authenticity and defined style.

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3. White And Neutral Color Scheme
The usual color scheme for a rustic effect is of white and subdued tone. White color scheme in a contemporary rustic design is a dominant feature since it plays off well and balances every element that is fused in the interior. The whole focus of having white as the primary and base color is because it will be used as your apartment’s blank canvas to work with the nature-inspired elements. With nature’s passive hues, these specific colors can evoke a soothing presence that will be perfect for aiming a comfy and calming mood.

4. Furry Carpeting
Faux Animal fur or animal hides are a great addition for a minimalistic design in terms of giving it a contradicting texture from all the rough edges of the wood provided in your interior. A substitute for those faux animal hides is shaggy carpets or rugs. They are only a handful when they are not properly maintained, better to do general carpet cleaning in your Wollongong home a practice then.

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5. Wooden Theme
Application of wooden beams on your ceiling apartment makes it a great alternative for that tree branches and into-the-woods theme you’ve got going. Wood floorings are also a popular go-to design for integrating a rustic-modern look to the apartment. Also, sand wood paneled walls are also complimentary to and an architectural approach to go with your white base color theme.

6. Emphasizing the texture
Textures inspired from nature can give any apartment a rustic theme to it. Think about small pieces accentuated with the rich pine-green accent that can really bring color and edge to your design. Emphasizing each areas dominant texture can benefit the whole atmosphere of the apartment. Driftwood and wooden blocks for countertops are very well associated for a rustic home décor due to their rough textures.

7. Center Piece
A center piece is always the highlighting element for any room. So why not install a portable fireplace in your apartment or at least a distinguished center piece that mimics nature and accentuates the rustic theme. Maybe you can use a huge stump for a 4-seater couch. Or a handcraft piece like a woven textile fabric that compliments your large wooden table. The center piece will be the focal point of your apartment and provides great visual weight. You will want each and every piece greatly emphasized by this portion of the room.

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