Fire in Stone, Concrete & Metal: Designer Fire Pits

December 8, 2016
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Common grills wouldn’t surprise anybody – these devices are present on almost any house’s backyard. And their look is quite similar – metal boxes on legs. Designer outdoor fire pits are a different story. We have selected three non-standard and lovely fire pit designs by Belarusian manufacturers.


Nowadays outdoor fire pit has gradually grown into a popular item of landscape design and an elegant country house must-have. Metal fire pits by Marshall Smokers — is a clear example of this kind. They are produced in two shapes – sphere and hemisphere. But what makes them special is a designer plot on the surface. It can tell you any story – about knights and hunters, Halloween and the zodiac.


The thickness of metal in these pits is 6 mm, which is a pledge of longevity. What is more important, the manufacturer provides lifetime warranty on all of its fire pits.


The production technology is as follows: a pattern is applied to a metal sphere and then cut with the help of plasma. Metal can be coated with heat-resistant paint or sandblasted. After, it’s covered with patina – with time and under the influence of weather conditions its color gets even brighter.


Each fire pit has a small pedestal – besides its decorative function, it lets the fire burn more steadily and serves as an ash-box.


The diameter of the smallest model is 60 cm, the largest – 100 cm. Prices vary from 500 to 1500 dollars.



The BetON Company offers another version of the fire pit – made of fibre-reinforced concrete. It is a monolithic concrete construction with a metal insertion. The thickness of steel is 4 mm, which ensures 5 years of maintenance period. A concrete framework is expected to serve far longer – 20-30 years. Surprisingly, this monumental device (dimensions are 390*815*815 mm) weighs just 80 kilos.


The pit is matched by special designer furniture – chairs and sofas made from the same fibre-reinforced concrete. Despite their seemingly fragile design, breaking is possible only intentionally. Average price of such fire pit is 630 dollars.



ISTERKOM, a gabion manufacturer, suggest their own vision of an outdoor flame arrangement. from a traditional fire pit to a massive outdoor fireplace. The essence of such construction is a metal furnace inserted into a metal zink-coated wire mesh filled with rocks. Fireplaces have a wide range of modifications: with a woodpile, with a table, with a double face, tall and wide, with different sizes of an insert.




To arrange such a fireplace, up to 500 kilos of rocks is needed.


Minimum price of a gabion fireplace (price of the rocks excluded) is 430 dollars. The price of rocks depends on their type.


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