Futuristic Spacecraft-Style Apartment: NASA Would Be Proud

December 8, 2016
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It’s hard to believe, but before renovation this futuristic apartment reminded more of a country house – all walls were cased with wood. The new hostess decided to turn her lodgings into a spacecraft and hired a professional interior designer. The priority was to arrange a few full-fledged functional zones within a limited area: an open-concept kitchen and living room, a bedroom, an extra sleeping place for guests, a workspace and a closet.

Apartment profile:

Area – 38 sq. m.

Interior style – futuristic

Number of rooms – 2

Ceiling height – 2.8 m

Plastic, glass, metal and artificial stone were used as major finishing materials – a traditional choice for futuristic interiors. To enhance the sense of the outer space, designers resorted to digital printing technique: real space photos from NASA’s Web-site were printed on a glass kitchen backsplash, on bedroom wallpaper (headboard zone) and roll curtains.

The apartment owner’s interest in fashion and architecture is expressed by several world-famous interior items: a Tulip chair (design by Eero Saarinen, 1956), Mirror Ball Pendant lamps by Tom Dixon and Ether chandelier manufactured by Murano Due (design by Patrick Jouin).





The built-ins and multi-level stretch ceiling in the lounge expand the width and height of the room visually. Sliding doors are made from impact-resistant glass and also contribute to saving space.


Special lamps are built into the window slopes to illuminate the blinds in the evening.



A small bedroom features a bed by B&B (Italy), a wardrobe and a workspace. A circle on the ceiling is specially designed to make a trapezoidal room more balanced.


A bar in the kitchen zone is corian and glossy. It visually separates the dining zone from the lounge with an extra sleeping place.


In the bathroom LED lights have a few color temperature modes.



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