First Floor Apartment: 8 Non-Obvious Advantages

December 9, 2016
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When searching for a dwelling, many of us don’t even consider first floor apartments: no panoramic views, less sunlight and less sense of privacy. But such apartments have several advantages and latent potential, which top-floor flats cannot boast of. Let’s speak about them today.

Business Opportunities

First floor apartments give room for your own small business – a shop or a drugstore. In most countries the law allows for changing the status of such dwellings to non-residential and for arranging an entrance from the street. Many people are competing to buy first-floor apartments in newly-built or heavily-populated headquarters in order to open shops at a door step.


Lower Price

On average, first-floor apartments are about 10-15% cheaper than top ones. So, it’s a good chance to save your budget and spend extra money on good furnishing and décor.

No Elevators

Firstly, it’s time-saving: in tall houses catching an elevator in the morning and evening rush hour is traditionally problematic. Secondly, it’s ideal for claustrophobic people who fear enclosed spaces.

Convenient for Those Who Move Around a Lot

These people obviously win because they have less trouble moving their stuff in and out of the house.


Ideal for Wheelchair Users

Not all apartment houses can boast a roomy elevator. And a standard cabin may be too narrow for a wheelchair user and the escorting person.

Convenient for Young Moms

Baby carriages are also hard to fit into small elevator cabins.

Chance to Watch the Playground

First-floor apartments usually overlook playgrounds, which is perfect for watching your kid from home.

Psychological Comfort

Psychologists say that living on the first floor is more comfortable. This statement is based on the Earth’s magnetic field theory: people are born to live on the ground surface, rather than a few dozens of meters above. Also, those who live on first floors get a chance to watch greenery and trees growth processes, which, according to psychologists, relaxes the optic nerve and the entire nervous system. So, when selecting the floor, keep all pros and cons in mind and choose to your taste!


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