Interior Design Project for a Bachelor

December 10, 2016
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Today interior design styles are not just limited to traditional categorization: modern, classic, hi-tech, art-décor and so on. Contemporary lifestyles dictate the emergence of new trends. Prominent among them is the bachelor pad interior design. Though it can’t be called a “style” in a literal sense as it doesn’t have individual characteristics or certain canons, but it’s definitely recognized at first glance.    

One of the examples of bachelor pad interior designs was developed by Oxana Maslennikova (Belarus) for a young man who doesn’t plan to have a family very soon, but still keeps these plans in mind for the future.

The apartment is three-room, located in the heart of the city and with a total area of 92 sq. m. The owner had a clear vision of his future interior color scheme: brown, gray and beige had to act as the dominant shade. Also he mentioned his passion for wood surfaces, dark furniture and low lights – a typical choice of bachelors.

It’s no secret that bachelor pads are a favorite place for parties. Open-concept living space is especially designed for needs of an active modern person.


The kitchen is big enough to make cooking process enjoyable. A transforming table easily converts into a big-size dining table for guests.


The hallway features two roomy wardrobes with enough place for storing clothes, shoes, an ironing board, a vacuum cleaner and plenty of other stuff.




TV-area of the living room is furnished with a big gray sofa and frameless arm-chairs.


Dark tones of the bedroom interior are compensated by several general and accent light sources. Gray plaster has a rough texture; in different lights and from different perspectives the wall surface gleams and shines, which neutralizes the possible dull effect of gray color. And retro bulbs add warm and soft atmosphere. The centerpiece of the bedroom is the headboard zone, namely, LED aluminum profiles built into a plasterboard construction. Arranged at an angle, they make a nice contrast to straight and strict lines of the furniture.






The balcony is meant to extend the bedroom. That’s why designers picked up the same color palette and finishing materials for these two rooms. As there are plenty of storage zones in the apartment, the balcony is designed as a relaxation zone.



Although the pad’s owner is a bachelor, he keeps the future family in mind. The third room is very functional: it serves as an office, a gym, a home cinema and a guest room. Despite the seeming complexity of the room, it can be easily transformed into a kid’s room. Finishing materials were deliberately targeted to turn this dark space into a bright and funny playroom with a little effort. For example, a black stretch ceiling can be easily dismantled and replaced with a white one. Dark wallpaper is also easily removable.





Bathroom and toilet are finished with the same faux wood and concrete tiles. As the washing machine is installed in the kitchen, the bathroom was equipped with both a shower cabin and a bathtub.



A big cabinet for storing household chemicals, a water softener and boiler perfectly fit in the toilet.



Well, as you see a bachelor pad can be tidy, functional, laconic, reserved, with minimum accessories and décor – it’s not necessarily filled with junk and loads of dirty plates J

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