What If Spouses Have Different Views on Interior Design?

December 10, 2016
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Renovation is a true challenge for marriage. Even if you have invited a professional decorator. He likes loft and she is passionate about Provence. He is dreaming about a home cinema room and she wants a gym. He wants to mount a deer head on the wall; and she wants to knock this wall down. And no one wants to give in. What to do? How is it possible to endure all the tests and maintain a good relationship in the end? Let’s see what professional designers would advise.

Divide the Territory Primarily

Think about who spends more time in which part of the house. For example, if a woman spends hours in the bathroom and keeps all her cosmetics there, it’s worth thinking about her convenience in the first turn. And if she has a dressing table in the bedroom, and her husband takes shower twice a day, it would be fair to listen to him.

Who in the family cooks more frequently? Who watches TV more? Who works from home? All of these aspects are vital – try to abandon stereotypes and look at the situation clearly.


Designate Special Spots for Each Person

However, each room is used by both spouses, and it’s hard to avoid disputes. Crisis may easily emerge in the fight for leadership and here a little trick might be of service.  Let each of the spouses assign a place in the house, which would belong to him or her solely, and to which the soulmate won’t have an access.

And it’s not necessarily an isolated room – use your imagination! For example, a man may have a desk and his wife won’t touch anything on it. Knowing that you have a protected area of your own, you will find it easier to agree on common issues.


Divide the Functions

Sometimes both spouses want to have similar participation in decorating this or that room. In this case it’s nice to divide the functions. Let the spouse who knows more of equipment assume the responsibility in regard to this matter, and the spouse who is usually responsible for storage issues might choose the shelves and wardrobes.

Consider who in your family better perceives color combinations, and who understands the difference between different finishing materials. It may turn out that one of the spouses would realize that he or she actually likes to keep his mind off the things, which give feelings of amusement to the other. Most important is to discuss everything beforehand.


Look for the Golden Mean

You seem to have agreed on everything, but when it came to choosing the bedroom wall color the problem arose again. He dreams about deep blue and she wants snow-white. Well, maybe light blue would suit you both?

If you are still stuck, try to take your mind off the two existing options and consider the third one, an absolutely different one. Neither blue, nor white, but green or brown. It’s no guarantee that you will choose the third option, but at least this method helps to avoid a narrow focus and look at the situation more objectively. Maybe in the end you will make a win-win decision.

 Happy young couple getting keys of their new home

We hope that these tips will help you enjoy the renovation process and wish you good luck!

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