Interior Design for Choleric Personalities: What Is It?

December 11, 2016
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Each designer must be a psychologist to some extent. They say that an apartment may tell you much about the owner’s personality – even the things he doesn’t know about himself or doesn’t want to tell.

Everyone wants their homes to be cozy, but each of us means different things when we say “cozy”. Why? It turns out that it’s all about our temper. Psychologists believe that different personalities feel comfortable in different interior designs. Today let’s find out what kind of interior is better for choleric characters.

Modular Furniture

Extravagant, energetic, ever-changing – this is all about a choleric. These personalities always seek for sanity and self-understanding. This type of temper is characterized by inconsistency and passion for changes, that’s why rearrangements of furniture, accessories and items of décor are so frequent in a choleric’s house. Thus modular furniture is the best choice for him: it can be moved and transformed in many possible ways.


Open Space & Minimalism

Choleric personalities need plenty of open space, and their emotional activity demands plain and simple shapes. High ceilings would make them feel more comfortable. Rooms mustn’t be cluttered – the less décor, the better. The best interior design styles for choleric people are minimalism and hi-tech. An open concept lounge and sliding doors are also desirable. All that will balance choleric’s character and help him feel calm and relaxed at home.



Multi-Level Lighting

The changing choleric temper will definitely appreciate multi-level lighting. It can be changed depending on the current mood and style preferences. A choleric’s house must feature classic ceiling lights (if the owner feels the classic mood and decides to turn his living room into a traditional reception room), floor lighting fittings and recessed wall lights. Combining them in various ways they may perceive the same interior absolutely differently.


Blue & Green

As for the color range, it must be definitely soothing for an impulsive and overly excitable personality. The most balanced choice for cholerics is neutral and cold colors: blue, white, green. According to psychologists, the mixture of blue and turquoise, or blue and green plays two important roles for dynamic people: it simultaneously soothes them and keeps their tone. Green upholstery or curtains are a nice way to create the sense of protection, safety and isolation from the outer world – due to high emotional tension, a choleric’s nervous system needs rest.


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