Interior Design for Melancholic Personalities: What Is It?

December 11, 2016
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The dreamers – this is the right nickname for melancholiacs. These romantic and introvert personalities believe that their home is their castle; they avoid big companies and love silence and solitude. In the previous post we have discussed interiors for choleric types of temper. And what about melancholic personalities? What kind of interior design will be appreciated by them? Let’s see!

Zoning the Space

Firstly, melancholic people tend to feel good in small houses and little cozy rooms. Open concept rooms are absolutely not for them. Open space and emptiness depress them, while cozy nooks hidden from the prying eyes and splitting the rooms visually seem to be the embodiment of comfort. Folding screens and room dividers would be a good choice.



Melancholiacs prefer soft and diffused lighting, especially recessed wall lighting fixtures. When the light smoothly flows into penumbra they feel absolutely happy.



Melancholic people’s houses can be recognized thanks to plenty of rugs and shaggy carpets on the floor – they silence footsteps and warm up the feet, adding to the cozy atmosphere.



When it comes to interior design style, melancholiacs’ preferences are highly diverse: from classics to modern, from Scandinavian to shabby chic and ethnical motives. The most important thing for a melancholic personality is to avoid stress. He or she inclines to create the warm, safe and comfortable environment. But this doesn’t mean that his dream is the trinkets, the trimmings, the trappings. On the contrary, a melancholic person may be crazy about his big soft couch and at the same time be madly in love with his plain plastic stools. The thing is that the stuff around a melancholic person must be chosen to his liking, and he will feel mental and psychological balance in almost any interior style.



As for the furniture, melancholiacs fell good about soft upholstery, rounded shapes, no straight lines, no over-trimming, noble color palette, and natural materials. Each piece of furniture must seem to be saying “Here you will feel safe and cozy”.


Color Palette

This sensible and calm type of temper favors pastel color palette: sandy, brown, beige, rosy-pink, blue, and yellow. Bright colors may cause emotional discomfort. Though, psychologists advise to make at least a few bright accents in the interior, so that melancholiacs didn’t forget that the world isn’t monochrome and bright colors are still expecting them.



A melancholiac’s dwelling won’t do without plenty of décor: elegant flower vases, decorative pillows, exquisite tableware, drapery, artworks. Also due to their sentimental nature, melancholic people tend to cherish everything which reminds them of happy life moments: souvenirs, old photos, toys and dried flowers. Let this stuff be visible – and a melancholic person will feel more comfortable and happy!


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