Interior Design for Phlegmatic Personalities: What Is It?

December 11, 2016
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Compared to other, more emotional, types of temper, phlegmatic personalities may at first seem boring and dull, but it is they who ensure robust conservatism and stability. So, basically, the whole world holds together thanks to their adherence to good traditions! We have already learned what types of interior design suit for melancholic, choleric, and sanguine people. Let’s finish this topic with last, but not least, phlegmatic interiors!

“Noble” Interior Style

When it comes to selecting the right interior design style for phlegmatic people, it would be a good idea to choose noble classic, respectable English or solid vintage featuring antique furniture. Utility and durability are an integral part of their environment. Phlegmatic personalities do not appreciate changes and feel good in the interiors inherited from their great grandparents. Besides, this reasonable and thoughtful temper doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion in choosing the interior style, relying solely on its own practicality and refined taste.


Functional and Solid Furniture

Calm and relaxed phlegmatic personalities value high quality. Hence their furniture must be not only comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, solid, made from natural materials and equipped with durable mechanisms. Each phlegmatic person’s purchase will be a proper balance of quality and the price paid for it. In general his or her interior looks respectable and cozy in its own way, mainly through warm unobtrusive color scheme and natural materials: wood, natural stone and ceramics.


Cold Pastel Colors

There’s no doubt that phlegmatic types of people appreciate silence and serenity. And this is reflected in their favorite interior colors – cold, pastel, unobtrusive, but not dark – gray, beige, brown, blue, violet, turquoise, sandy and white.


Little Light

Don’t be surprised if you come to your phlegmatic neighbor in the evening and there would hardly be any light in the rooms. Phlegmatic people feel comfortable in the diffused and soft light, or sometimes even do without lighting at all.


Many Storage Systems

And of course, meticulous phlegmatic personalities are crazy about the order, love cleaning and make their family members do the same thing. Each thing in their houses knows its place; everything else is removed out of sight. So, a phlegmatic man’s house can be easily identified by loads of cabinets, wardrobes, chests of drawers, walk-in closets and pantries.


High-Quality and Elegant Décor

As for décor, it must also be high-quality, durable and elegant: expensive carpets, artworks, family photos, exquisite lamps, and hand-mades create an aesthetic atmosphere for phlegmatic personalities.


Four types of temper, four different lifestyles… But we don’t live alone, and our family members may have completely different psychological types. This means that our interior must suit the needs of the entire household, including a phlegmatic grandpa, a melancholic mother, a choleric kid and a sanguine dad. This is surely possible if no one tries to turn a solo. There is always a middle way, which would make the interior comfortable for each one and everyone!

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