Inspiring Beautiful Balcony in Moscow

December 12, 2016
Posted in Garden


If you have long dreamed about creating a nook of living nature on your balcony, winter is the right time for developing the plan of action. And to boost your inspiration we have selected a stunning balcony in the heart of Moscow, which looks a like a true floral oasis.

Despite the fact that in moderate climate glazed balconies have proved to be far more practical and comfortable, many of us would like their balcony to be open, elegant, with exquisite forgery and a splendid view and atmosphere. Kirill Lopatinsky, a famous decorator and florist from Moscow, has proved that even if you have just a couple of square meters or even less, your open loggia or balcony may be transformed into a real mini-garden for drinking tea and enjoying beautiful sunsets on warm summer evenings.

This balcony was decorated by Kirill for his friend who has spent many years living in Paris and can’t imagine her life without lovely blooming flowers. But it’s not just flowers that you can see here – the florist planted here a chestnut, lilac and even currant – and they have survived three Russian winters already!


Every summer this only green balcony in the street looks brand new and different thanks to multiple combinations of colors and flowers. Plants for this balcony were purchased at an exhibition in Holland. Each time he finds something unique there. For instance, gorgeous 2-meter specimen of passion flowers.


This year the balcony was inhabited by roses, fuchsia, geranium, hydrangea, strawberry and passion flowers. The entire floral décor is fixed to the forged railings, which makes the balcony seem hanging in the air like an odorous cloud. And forged lattice folding furniture adds the sense of lightness to the entire composition.


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