How to Arrange a Small Apartment in Classical Style

December 13, 2016
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Fashion is changeable. But classical interiors will always stay up-to-date. We are more likely to see this style in big cottages and houses, rather than in standard city apartments. And this is understandable: classical-style must-haves – moldings, gold, mirrors, columns, figurines, and massive exquisite furniture – demand pretty much space. But is it possible to adapt classics for a middle-size two-room apartment? Let’s have a look!

The total area of this apartment is 69 sq. m. It belongs to an 18-year-old girl and was purchased and decorated by her father. The result is a classical pastel interior with some darker contrasting accents. Among traditional classical-style trappings are crown moldings, high-quality finishing materials, solid furniture and classical wallpaper patterns. The lighting fixtures are also very traditional for classical interiors.

The space was zoned for the needs of a single young girl. The initial layout was left practically unchanged – the only alteration was the arrangement of a compact walk-in closet instead of a wardrobe in the hallway.


The kitchen predominant colors are pastel. Accent was made on the dining zone furniture and a dark floor tile composition. The kitchen set is produced of solid wood and dressed up with gold patina. The golden theme is continued in chairs, chandelier, furniture fixtures and drape runners.



The living room is decorated in more saturated color scheme. Dark parquetry and wallpaper create a perfect background for white furniture and light upholstery. The room has many storage areas and in the future can be easily transformed into a toddler room.



In the hallway the color scheme is also based on contrasts: light furniture, doors and floor tiles look nicely against darker walls. Opposite the entrance door you can see a coat rack for wet jackets, a shoe rack, drawings for storing small stuff, a mirror and a shoe bench. And all that is combined in just one piece of furniture.


The walk-in closet is conveniently located close to the entrance hall.



Linen is stored in a big-size chest of drawers in the bedroom. Standing next to it is a small table with a mirror, which serves as a dressing table as well as a writing desk. The bedroom is the darkest room in the whole apartment. This was made for the sake of intimate and soothing atmosphere. Seemingly dark graphite wallpaper doesn’t look dull thanks to pearlescent gray hues, which reflect both natural and artificial light.



Despite a very modest size of bathroom and toilet, they feature all the necessary essentials. Thus, the bathroom is equipped with a shower cabin, a bathtub, a capacious basin cabinet and a washing machine.



A wall-mounted toilet, a personal hygienic shower, a basin, a boiler and a full-fledged organizer for storing bath amenities, towels and household chemicals are fit in the toilet. Both sanitary rooms are finished with delicate pastel tiles and refreshed with mirror-effect decorative insertions.


The apartment may boast two balconies – in the kitchen and in the bedroom. They both play the role of relaxing zones for drinking coffee and enjoying city views.



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